Billy Bandana

Mr. Without Prejudice is a Port Harcourt born lyricist, poet and vocalist.

He was born on 16th Oct. 1992 as Bright Agumagu but has been known since his secondary school days as Billy Bandana. Bandana is quite versatile in his music delivery style, within the greater Hip Hop culture, localized and globalized through the waterside creek as RuggedCappingFlow in PH slang: using hard hitting multi syllabic lines, to describe in street tradition, the nature of his struggle and good times, and hope for the future using music.

His path in music has been closely linked to that of his elder brother, Pledge, formerly called Massacre within the underground music scene of Rivers state of Nigeria.

The two has been active around the Diobu or Town path of Port Harcourt, until they lost their father in 2011, when they moved to their maternal home in the Creek side of Rumuorlumeni suburb, connecting the two towns faster than the Deputy Governor. BILLY Bandana subsequently dropped from his university pursuits to pursue music full time when the group started working together, where he eventually became friends and colleague with Silva aka Few Drags and later Edward aka Ugly Screept.

Billy Bandana has done few works with Pledge, most popular of those being About me and My buddy. He has done works with Screept, Murder case, America wonder and many others, though most works he did with Silva and the Abekulaner crew.

Among the things he is currently working on is his MASQUERADE IN THE CHURCH album which is scheduled to drop before the years end. Before that will be a mix-tape CLAW TOWN, which will be released anytime soon.

Those who know Mr. Without prejudice knows what to expect, and for the fans yet to come, expect the breastfeeding of Hip Hop, staying through to the culture, the gods and the people. The album is supposed to be waterside narrative and we will not spoil the fun for you before, Stay with me here.

Bandana is here to stay and you are invited to stay and keep track of this mic fiend as he unleashes what he has been stocking for your ears and heart these long hanging years.

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Prince Chisom Agumagu aka Pledge is a Port Harcourt born, Nigerian Master of Ceremony MC in the Hip Hop and Gbedu scene.

He was formerly working with the GMG (Great Music Group) Label group in Lagos before he moved back permanently to Port Harcourt to co-found their own band and label in his home town, in collaboration with Chinda Emechetah and co.

In most part of his career, he retains his name PLEDGE as his stage name, but you can hear people often call him LOSSO or MASSACRE as he has long earned those aliases from his early years in the under frond Hip Hop scene in Naija.

Born on the 10th February 1991 to the family of Late Mr. Ikechi Agumagu and Mrs. Uchegbule Elsie Agumagu, He attended Enugu State University (ESUT) before settling full time to music and music management career with Abekulan Records and Abekulaners as a group.

With pledge, your cups will never go dry, your seat will be permanently missing when he be on the mic. His style is categorized with groovy, hard banging beats, rhymes and punchlines, strictly for urban and suburban consumption, but leave no surprises unexpected as the wind often blows south from this end and you could marry the mic on your lost days.

In-between foreseeing the immediate growth and career of the group, Lossorino is also working hard on his solo career as an Artist with soon to drop singles and prepping for an album drop before June 2018. However, he will be touring with the rest of the boys in their features, group tracks and promoting single releases.

There is much to look out for as Pledge is one of the underground veterans in South South sounds and is about to make it all official for your fun and enjoyment. Between the sounds, you will find the find the nostalgia in global African sound, it is becoming difficult to differentiate the urban, tribal and diaspora and our acts are the manifestation of lessons soaked, life seen and progress pushed, always with a rhythm, I pledge to do so.

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Edward Amadi aka Scripture or Ugly Screept is a Port Harcourt born Gbeduist/vocalist.


Born on the 1st Feb. 1994, He went to the same primary school with Silva Nyeche aka Few Drags, where they formed a musical duo ever since, singing and performing under an initial group a name (Fami Boys) before eventual incorporation to a larger Abekulaners group.

For the most part of schooling, Script is presently studying for a degree in Nautical Science in the Maritime academy of Nigeria, Orom. Though music is and continue to be his greatest passion and where he earns his nick name.

He has appeared in many shows around the Port Harcourt region, popularly known for his Patwa, Dance, Gbedu and hard hitting social conscious lyrics.

Among his unofficial single releases trending in the PH underground is Dab on the bass, BetterDays and Owo oha. He has co authored many singles or group work with Silva, outstanding among them is: Turn up, Heartbeat and Ratyy Boy. Some who which appeared in the collaborative EP '69'with Few Dragz. 

He is also an active member of the group and a lead Vocalist together with Silva, among his group track appearances are> Novice, America Wonder.

While constantly dropping singles and actively studying, he just finished working on his first studio EP 'BLACKIND' in 2020 which is already in stores with hits like 'Pray for Portharcourt, Educated Hoodlum and Turn Up' among others.

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Few Dragz


Silva Nyeche is a Rumuorlumeni indegene and a Port Harcourt born artist and a lead vocalist in the Abekulaner musical group.

Born on the 12th of March. 1995,Silva aka Few Drags, the last son of Timi Ray Nyeche, has been a long term presence in the unsigned artists prodigy in Port Harcourt area. His style is more of Afro RNB and a swing that permanently keep the honeys swinging and fantasizing.

 Silva and Script went to the same high school and ever since has been singing together and making tracks, even before they became members of the Abekulners. They were Singing under the duo name (Fami Boys) with popular hood tracks like Heartbeat, Connect and many more outstanding tracks.

Few Dragz has been an active member and chief vocalist for the Abekulaners, with their foremost group work being: We no dey Rush, Novice and Laka Dat.

 Few drags is a household Waterside area name with unofficial popular releases like Oh Weoo and Niggaz on deck.

Though Silva is still middle into his studies, his passion for music makes him a jack of many trade, as he walk the fine line between mastering the head of the family, education and delivering to his crew and Record obligations.

 His first studio EP is 69 with Screept.

The work will feature a lot of Silva style love, Afrofunk and control lyrics, always in the mood to rhyme the next move and keep the party going with love. 

Mario (Producer/Artist)

Mario Zucconi a half Italian and Nigerian. Born and brought up in Port Harcourt December 16th 1991.


He is fondly called Super Mario at a young and tender age, he fell in love with Reggae music then started music professionally in 2009 as a Producer and a recording artist where he earned the stage name MARIOBEATZ.

Presently he is one of the craziest producer based in Port Harcourt and under Abekulan Records,

Mariobeatz have couple of his own singles and collaboaration songs, which includes 'Goodmorning Africa and End Sars' among others.

He is currently working on his first solo studio album titled 'FULLCAST'  more things to look out for in 2021. 


Daddy Ice (Producer/Artist)

Wisdom Wenike Amadi aka Daddyice a Nigerian born September 14, 1991 and raised in Orogbum Rebisi area in Port Harcourt. He is fondly called Daddyice, he fell in love with RnB and Pop music then started music professionally as a Vocalist and humble producer in 2009 as a Producer and a recording artist.


Recorded and produced his first hit single titled "Good Kisses"  also the first song ever produced as a producer for Ijaw Boiz Allstars titled "Cece Yanga" in 2013. In 2014 he stated producing Billy Bandana and other members of Abekulan Records.

Also working on his own musical album which is scheduled to be out sometimes in 2021, Daddy Ice produced 90% of the instrumentals in Chief Priest and Dollar Grill's 'Okini Mega' Album. 

in 2020. Daddy Ice featured on 2 tracks with his fellow Abekulaners on the track 'Goodmorning Africa and End Sars'.


Amin Dada

Mr. Ezekiel Onukwuri is popularly known as Pupa Amin Dada for his conscious musical ideology, with the hit Single XRASTAFARAI 2006, SKELEBOO, Promoted by SOLID GBEDU in 2010, KOKOYAN in 2014 and ADVERSARY another Black Nobility crusader.

The African dance-hall, afro music song writer and performing artist began his musical Adventure years ago as PSYCHORIDER in NEKEDE Polytechnic Owerri, Mr. Ezekiel Onukwuri has also worked with Rivers best, Artist likeTalk Tight all Stars, Duncan Mighty, Don Richy with many big Lagos names such as Mavelous Benji, Isaac Chinagorom, one time Nigeria 1984 John Player brake dance champion.
Mr. Ezekiel Onukwuri is the present Rivers State PMAN PRO 2018 TO 2019. Working assiduously with the developmental River State Creative Industry, Amin Dada is blowing out with

(1) UCHECHUKWU, A Classic Rap song designed to awaken youths from social vises and focusing on the right to have purpose vision in the Entertainment world.

(2) BADMIND, A song designed to warn back bitters and back starbers who are always talking others down to look good also warning on those who brake homes with badmindedness and bad energy.

(3) MAAT, The introduction of Ancient Egyptological Origin for the Skale of Justice and how its being used for miseducation of African cutural heritage value and African Moral Purity.

(4) BRING IT, COME, Is a dance hall Romantic Gang Star Ghetto Exclusive designed to show Ghetto love expressed in the African Street mentality.

(5) DADDY, Is the technical Social situation for girls in the Afican scene by those who understand the system street wise, projected promoted and Protected by ABEKULAN RECORDS.

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Chief Priest

Chinda Emechetah, Eze Nmuo aka 2black is the Chief Priest of Abekulan Kingdom.

An Ikwerre indigene, born in Port Harcourt before moving abroad for studies and other life exploits.

Cheh, 2B, JBoy, Chinda Chetah or Officially: Chinda John Junior is the founder of Abekulan Global group, and also a performing art member of the Abekulaners group of Nigeria.

Called Chief Priest for his cultural activism within the African communities as an ardent raditionalist and public libator/speaker and event coordinator.

Apart from doing the executive work involved with putting out the most vibrant artists of the Label, Chinda Chetah aka Chief Priest released an Ikwerre language majority album with 'Dollar Grill' a label mate, featuring Mariobeatz, Daddy Ice and Yeezor on different tracks respectively. Outstanding english tracks on the album includes 'Goodmorning Africa' Chairman, Obuu Oma and Abekwulem'. 

With trending singles such as 'Imminimious, End Sars and Thunder Fire Devil', Chief Priest is said to be releasing some hiphop album sometime in the middle of this year 2021. The album is expected to have many collaboration with other artists, local and international, fromNigeria to Poland then  Oslo, Norway where he has residence and primary fan bases.

'A Hip Hop veteran, hard to pin my taste down to any location as music in every language has an appeal when it comes with a soul, so I am choosing to speak mine'

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Dollar Grill

Bright Bennett popularly known as "Dollar Grill" born in 24th June 1995 a native of Oro-Igwe Rumunduru in Obio Akpor LGA in Rivers State. A singer, song writer and also a music manager. Presently working with Abekulan Records as a recording artiste. In 2020, Dollar Grill co released an Ikwerre Album with Chief Priest titled 'Okini Mega' with popular tracks like 'Keema' and 'Chairman' trending in the Portharcourt region of Nigeria. 

Teo M G Douglas


Teo M G Douglas popularly known as TeoCreation, is an Event/Artist Manager, Stage/Lighting Engineer, Creative Director & Cinematographer, hails from Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria. Teo is the chief cinematographer/designer with Abekulan and is in charge of majority video production shots by the label.

Facebook: Teo Douglas
IG: @teocreation